'Manifest:' Inside Look at New 'Lost'-Like Drama Coming to WPXI

"Manifest" premieres September 24 at 10 p.m. on WPXI.

See & Be Seen has the scoop from Comic-Con, where fans got a sneak peek showing of the new “Lost”-like drama series "Manifest," which is coming to WPXI Sept. 24.

The show's creator and stars held a panel following the showing of the pilot, to build excitement and explain what to expect.

“I’m not alone in wanting to know a lot more now that I’ve seen the pilot,” the moderator of the panel said. ““That is one wacky plane ride.”

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You may feel the same way after watching the trailer below.

Intrigued? That’s the job of a great event mystery. You can’t get much wilder than an airplane disappearing and returning five and a half years later with all 199 passengers looking as if they haven’t aged one day.

“You’re never going to be bored,” said actress Melissa Roxburgh, who plays a passenger.

She and actor Josh Dallas told The Hollywood Reporter that even they don’t know what’s in store for their characters.


There's also a supernatural element; some of the passengers on the plane begin to hear voices when they return home.

"It sounds like it could be a show that runs for a long time," the moderator said.

"From your lips, my friend," the show's creator said, and the panel closed.

See & Be Seen will have more inside scoop on "Manifest" approaching the premiere Sept. 24 at 10 p.m. on WPXI.