11 most shocking pickle combinations for Picklesburgh 2019

Picklesburgh voted best specialty food festival in America

It is no secret that Picklesburgh is filled with dill-ightful pickled treats, but we aren't just talking about pickles on sandwiches and different flavors of pickles. Picklesburgh was voted No. 1 specialty festival in America for a reason, and it could have to do with the vendors' level of commitment to make the best pickle creations!


To get you prepared, “See and Be Seen” put together a list of the most shocking pickle combos for the true pickle-hearted Pittsburghers out there.

Check it out:

Pickle slushies

When you think slushies, you think red or blue, but thanks to the Brine Brothers, pickle slushies are about to enter that list of iconic flavors! On top of Brine Brothers pickle slushies, they offer all-natural pickle juice in three flavors.

Candied pickles

Chocolate Moonshine Co. is about to hit your sweet tooth with its chocolate and pickle combinations. It will feature their gourmet fudge in pickle-related flavors, including dill pickle, peanut butter pickle swirl, pickle-back whiskey and spicy pickle flavor. It doesn't stop there, they will also feature Belgian chocolate-covered pickles-on-a-stick, candied pickles-on-a-stick and candied pickled lollipops.

Pickles and eggs

Breakfast gone PICKLED. Scotch pickled eggs baked in a sausage crust- Choppin' Block BBQ's scotch pickled eggs baked in a sausage crust with chef-driven BBQ and house-picked veggies is putting a twist on a tradition breakfast.

Pickle-stuffed pierogis

Is it even a true Pittsburgh festival if there aren't pickle pierogi options? The festival doubled in size this year and has a double dose of pierogi options:

Gosia's Pierogis will have dumplings with buttery mashed potatoes and dill-icous swirls of dill pickles and sauerkraut, but has a new creation to bring to the table: a pickle cheeseburger pierogi!

In addition to Gosia's pierogi option, the Stuff'd Pierogi Bar will be on site offering their take on pickle pierogis. Stuffed with pickle dip and deep-fried, Stuff'd's potato-stuffed pierogis are topped with pickled cabbage and they also offer delicious Buffalo chicken-stuffed pierogis.

"Dog in dill"

I'Dill Pickle has pickle creations that range from bacon-wrapped fried pickles to a yummy brie cheese-stuffed pickles! To add to their wide array of pickled food, they even have "dog in a dill" hot dogs, and frozen limeade with a pickle twist from the team at the Pittsburgh Irish Festival.


Pickle-flavored ice cream

Pickles and ice cream? Millie's Handmade Ice Cream is known for their mouthwatering ice creams, and now downtown's homemade ice cream is offering special Picklesburgh flavors that include dill pickle, pickled strawberry-mascarpone and pickled peach pie. Would you give them a try?

Pickle Funnel cake

Just when you think things can't get sweeter, Simon's Food Concessions adds pickle funnel cake to the list of shocking combos! Get this interesting take on concessions food in addition to classics like fried pickle chips and pickle dogs.

Pickle-brined sammy

We've all seen pickles on a sandwich, but Coop De Ville's pickle-brined fried chicken sandwich takes things to a whole new level. Pair this dill-icious creation with pickled summer vegetables, pickled green tomato jam and even more Coop specials!

Fried PICKLE mozzarella

Picture this: mozzarella sticks, with fried pickles! DiAnoia's Eatery is ready for Picklesburgh with its rendition of fried pickle mozzarella dipped in a pickled pepper marinara sauce.

Pickles and cookies

Sweet and salty? More like sweet and pickled!

Fabulous Homemade Cookies is prepared to give pickle lovers a new way to eat their sweet desserts with their homemade cookies and cupcakes. The treats made from scratch will showcase peanut butter pickle, molasses pickle pepper, Old World sauerkraut brownies and new pickled pizzelles!

We've seen creations from deep-fried Oreos to chocolate covered and every flavor in between, but Grandpa Joe's Candy Shop is ready to steal the Oreo show with the first-ever chocolate-covered pickle Oreo!

Keep that sweet tooth going with Grandpa Joe's pickle soda, pickle Oreo, pickle saltwater taffy and pickle cotton candy.

FAMOUS grilled cheese, but make it pickled

Pickled Chef returns to Picklesburgh 2019 with their famous Picklesburgh Grilled Cheese with your choice of dill relish, kimchi, or bacon with apple maple bourbon jam, this interesting take on the cheesy meal is always a hit!

Those are just of the 11 most shocking combos we found, but with 34 food vendors and an additional 25 with unique pickle apparel, merchandise and souvenirs, Picklesburgh holds something for everyone.

To view a full list of the vendors, visit Picklesburgh's website.