Hookstown Fair junior rodeo: How long can these kids ride sheep?

Hookstown Fair rodeo: This 8-year-old rider surprises the crowd

Nothing says big country fair like a good old-fashioned rodeo.

I visited the Hookstown Fair in Greene Township., Beaver County where the rodeo was back by popular demand.

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The live action is great end-of-summer fun for the whole family. There wasn't just bull riding for the adults, but there was also mutton busting for juniors.

That was a sight to see. A large crowd gathered around the arena. People were standing as there weren't enough spots on the bleachers.


Kids with cowboy hats and boots saddled up on sheep and exited the pen into the arena clinging to the docile animal. Most didn't make it very long. But at least two held on for the full four seconds. It had to be the cutest rodeo event.

Then the barrel racing began. Ladies took their turn on their multicolored horses, racing around barrels, earning loud cheers from the crowd.

I talked with the youngest racer, 8-year-old Janelle Vidovich, who surprised the crowd with her skills. She seemed to sit weightlessly on her horse as she whipped around the barrels, trying not to knock them down.

"I've been riding since I've been in my mother's belly," said Janelle, who is from Hookstown. "And I've been riding on my own since I was 3. I like meeting new friends and riding my horse. That's the best part."

The fair continues through Saturday with live music and more fun events like motocross and tractor pulls. Visit https://hookstownfair.com/ for the full schedule and more information.