‘I’m gonna be fine,’ ‘We are just friends’ … ‘This Is Us’ brings some tautness in return

VIDEO: 'This Is US' Kate and Toby hash things out

It was a long winter break for “This Is Us” fans, but the wait is finally over!

NBC’s hit drama returns Tuesday and is leaving no stone unturned.

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In this first clip sent to us from NBC, we see relationship tension continues build when Toby asks Kate why she seems mad and with no hesitation Kate calls Toby and his group message out.

“Why don’t you just text lady kryptonite and ask her what her opinion is?” Kate asks.

In the fall finale, there the relationship drama hit a high for Kate after she unintentionally discovered Toby trash-talking her in his CrossFit group message - leaving us to wonder, is this the beginning of the end to the beloved “Katoby!?”

While Toby is quick to defend himself and his friends, fans can be the judge tonight when Kate is officially introduced to his CrossFit friends.

And, of course we can’t kick off new episodes of “This Is Us” without giving you a sneak peek at one of the biggest mysteries looming over our heads:

Is Rebecca – actually -- as “fine” as she says she is.

There have been some slight implications that the beloved mom of the big three could be showing early signs of Alzheimer’s but we are still holding out hope!

VIDEO: 'This Is Us' Rebecca's moment of truth

In this scene, Randall makes a trip to LA to be with Rebecca after he gets her in for a preliminary memory test that have everyone hanging onto their seats.

And we will just throw out a reminder that John Legend could pop up into the Pearson’s life, too.

Don’t miss a second of “This Is Us” in its return titled, “Light and Shadows” Tuesday at 9 p.m. on Channel 11, followed by an thrilling new “New Amsterdam.”