• Marlon Wayans Is A Pittsburgh Steelers Fan, Says Mike Tomlin Looks Like Omar Epps

    By: Marina Weis


    Marlon Wayans surprised “See and Be Seen” with his love for Pittsburgh and the Steelers.

    “I’ve been a Steelers fan since the 70s,” he said, waving a white towel since he didn’t have a Terrible one. “The coach looks just like my best friend Omar Epps. I thought the coach was in ‘Juice’ for a long time. I was like, Mike Tomlin was in ‘Juice?’”

    I had the opportunity to talk to him about his show “Marlon” which returns to Channel 11 on Thursdays at 9 p.m.

    Wayans plays a fun-loving family man with an edgy sense of humor, two characteristics that came out in our playful video interview. He was relaxed and wore large sunglasses.

    "I would say it’s 96 percent truthful and represents who I am as a human being," Wayans said.

    In the show, the live audience roars with laughter when he makes immature mistakes as a dad, often giving misguided fatherly advice.

    “It’s a lot of fun. Great stories, and everything is a joke,” Wayans said.

    But, it also has heart. The titular “Marlon” is working hard to keep a “cool divorce” and co-parent his kids in a loving environment.

    In real life, Wayans is a family man, one of 10 siblings in a successful family, and he often works with them. His sister Kim Wayans guest stars in the fourth episode of “Marlon,” as his divorce therapist. 

    What’s it like to working with his sister? The answer was surprisingly serious, but sweet.

    “I’m in awe of how dang talented she is,” he said. “I’ll be in a scene with her, and I’ll be like, ‘Wow, you really ARE good!’ Like, she’s funny, and on a dime she can be dramatic...she’s always been a hero of mine. I’m so blessed to have her for a sister.” 

    Back-to-back episodes of "Marlon" air Thursdays at 9 p.m. and 9:30 p.m. on Channel 11.

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