National Cookie Day the Pittsburgh way

National Cookie Day the Pittsburgh way

Dec. 4 is National Cookie Day, and we wanted to celebrate by giving you the origins of the best part of weddings in Pittsburgh -- the cookie table!

The cookie table originated in Western Pennsylvania, West Virginia and Eastern Ohio and has an ethnic and religious background, usually linked to Italians, Greeks and other Europeans of Catholic descent.

According to Wedding Cookie Table, the beginning of the infamous cookie table is unknown, but it's believed to have become popular around the Great Depression due to the cost of purchasing a wedding cake.

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Traditionally, friends and family of the bride and groom prepare cookies for the table for guests to enjoy, such as pizzelles, lady locks, biscotti and Italian wedding cookies.

In August, the world record for the largest cookie table was set in Monogahela with 88,425 cookies featured, smashing the old record of 19,000.