National French Fry Day: 11 ways Pittsburghers eat their fries

Professor Says You Should Only Eat 6 Fries
It's National French Fry Day and it's the perfect holiday for Pittsburghers!
Why? Because we love to eat fries with everything.
To celebrate all of the ways you can dunk them and eat them, we've created a list of 11 french fry combos featured in the Steel City:
Fries on pie
Pizza Milano on 5th Avenue has a buffalo chicken pizza with buffalo fries on top. This mouthwatering pizza has breaded chicken, mozzarella, cheddar cheese, and Milano buffalo sauce, as well.

Pittsburgh's iconic creation...

Pittsburghers are no stranger to adding their fries on a sandwich. Primanti Bros. is famous in the Burgh for its wide variety of sandwiches, all topped with french fries, coleslaw and tomatoes! Have you ever heard of anything better?
Cheesey fries
Kennywood Park is home of The Potato Patch with their signature fresh-cut fries, located next to the Thunderbolt. So once you hop off a ride, grab some of the delicious fries and top them off with some cheese, bacon, vinegar or even some brown gravy.  
Frosty fries
We know Wendy's are all over, but who doesn't love dunking their french fries into a Wendy's frosty? It gives you that sweet, but salty taste all in one bite!
Curly Qs
French fries come in all shapes and sizes and Arby's curly fries make them even more delicious. Dunk them in some ranch, ketchup, honey mustard or anything you'd like!
Fries gone green... sort of
Peppi's has locations all over the Burgh and has a lighter option with a Pittsburgh-styled salad. The "Now Famous" steak salad has fresh-cut fries on it with juicy steak and provolone cheese.
Fish & chips
Hogs Head Bar & Grill serves fish and chips with fresh-cut fries, slaw and beer-battered cod. 
Waffle Fries
Shady Grove in Shayside has waffle fries! They are served on a Pittsburgh salad, and even as an appetizer with cheese and bacon. How amazing does that sound? 
Grill the cheese, add the fries
Yinz guys hungry? The Yard has you covered with this one:
You can get this delicious grilled cheese sandwich with mozzarella and provolone cheese, shaved sirloin steak, tomatoes, coleslaw and, of course, fresh-cut fries. 
What better way to eat some french fries than with a friend or two? Burgatory has truffles Gorgonzola fries under its fingers category and it's the perfect sharable for your table. These fries are cut fresh by hand every day, and are tossed with truffle oil and Amish Gorgonzola. 
Keep it classic, keep it Heinz
Last, but certainly not least, every Pittsburgher definitely can attest to the best way to eat their french fries... with Heinz ketchup, of course! Pittsburgh is home of Heinz ketchup and we make sure to dip our fries in it.