Pittsburgh Steelers fan gets big surprise on 'Rachael Ray Show'

Steelers fan gets BIG surprise on "Rachael Ray Show."

Tuesday's episode of the "Rachael Ray Show" has a Pittsburgh twist, as one woman gets the surprise of a lifetime -- thanks to her son!

Denzel Dixon wanted to thank his mother, Kimberly Peeples, for the support she has given him and his brother as a single mother over the years. So, to celebrate her 50th birthday, Dixon wrote a touching letter to the show to honor her -- but to make things even sweeter: Peeples is a huge Pittsburgh Steelers fan!

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As a special thank-you from her son, Rachael Ray and her team stunned Peeples with a special appearance by NFL Hall of Famer and Pittsburgh Steelers player Jerome "The Bus" Bettis.

Not only did Peeples get to meet one of the Pittsburgh icons she admires, but Bettis had another gift up his sleeve for her.

Find out what it was in this exciting new episode of the "Rachael Ray Show" -- at 2 p.m. on Channel 11!