• ‘The Voice' Season 11 winner Sundance Head performs in Pittsburgh, gives Season 13 artists advice

    By: Marina Weis


    PITTSBURGH - Even though the soul-country singer Sundance Head won Season 11 of "The Voice," he wishes he could do it again and “go a lot bigger.”

    That’s saying something when the soul-country artist’s strategy with coach Blake Shelton was to sing songs by female artists and make them appear new; two of which songs, “The Climb” and “No One” were written by coaches Miley Cyrus and Alicia Keys.

    Thankfully for Sundance, their flattered and impressed reactions were a powerful boost to his confidence, and confidence, he said, is a big factor.

    Uncomfortable body language is something he sees now with some of the artists on Season 13. He watches the show whenever he can while performing on the road.

    “I never noticed it before, but now I can smell it when someone isn’t confident,” he said before his show at Pittsburgh’s Hard Rock Cafe in Station Square on Friday.

    “It’s a big factor. People want to pick someone they know will win. Someone they can get behind.”

    With part one of the live finale just a few weeks away on Dec. 18, Sundance gets excited for the artists, but he wishes he could help them.

    “It’s just all about how you come through in the clinch,” he said.

    “I would tell them to relax. It’s not as big a deal as it seems. I’d say get into the song and make it more personal instead of trying to fit an image. Know who you are and be that same person.”

    Who is he rooting for? Well, he won’t say because “it wouldn’t be fair,” but it’s no surprise that he’s “all for Team Blake.”

    “He just makes you feel comfortable right off the bat,” he said. “He’s had so much success in his career. He knows the demographic to target for success and how to get there.”

    Shelton is coaching three of the top 10 artists left: Chloe Kohanski, Red Marlow and Keisha Renee. The top ten artists compete Monday at 8 p.m. Then on Tuesday, seven artists will be revealed as safe, the bottom three perform and two more artists are eliminated.

    Sundance is hard at work on a new album with Dean Dillon while touring with his wife and tour manager, Misty.

    If he can’t repeat the show, he would be 100-percent down for a “Voice” champion sing-off or as he calls it, a “super playoff.”


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