• 14 neglected cats, 1 dog removed from Pitcairn home


    PITCAIRN, Pa. - Humane officers rescued about a half dozen sick cats from a home in Pitcairn Wednesday, after several others were removed earlier in the week.

    “In this case, this is one where the owner failed to take their cats and dog to the vet,” an animal control officer called to the home said.

    Most of the cats, one of which is about to give birth, had upper respiratory and eye infections. A dog was taken from the Third Street home to be checked for illness.

    Elena Boumila is charged with animal cruelty. Although she did not speak with Channel 11 News, she was visibly emotional as the animals were brought out of her home.

    “Because of the viruses and medical conditions that they chose not to take care of, we have to remove them for animals’ safety,” the animal control officer said.

    Humane officers said Boumila was not an animal hoarder, but the cats were in need of care. Channel 11 News was also told that a young child lived in the house, which was described as “reeking,” and Child Services was notified.

    Over the course of the investigation into the animals, 14 cats and the dog were brought to Animal Friends, the shelter said in a news release.

    “They are being treated for upper respiratory infection, fleas and ringworm among other ailments. It’s possible that three of the 14 cats are pregnant,” the release said.

    Animal Friends said it anticipates expenses of up to $20,000 while the animals are in its care and is asking for donations.

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    14 neglected cats, 1 dog removed from Pitcairn home