• Delivery driver recalls being robbed at gunpoint by 5 teens


    CONNELLSVILLE, Pa. - Police said five teenagers were involved in a robbery of a pizza delivery driver in Connellsville Wednesday night.

    Investigators said 18-year-olds Cody Darrell, Stephen Kozakovsky, Mark Liston and two other juveniles robbed David Garcia at gunpoint on Perry Street around 11 p.m.

    “He said, ‘I’ll give you five seconds to lay down on the ground or I’ll shoot you,’” Garcia said.

    Officers said all five teens involved were arrested shortly after the robbery, though one of them broke into a home in an attempt to escape police.

    “There were some located in East Park, which is about a quarter mile away,” Connellsville police Chief James Capitos said.

    Channel 11 News was the only station there as the teens were taken to jail.

    “I’m happy they caught them. I have family and two kids,” Garcia said.

    Capitos said the group set up the delivery to a random house, and when Garcia arrived they ambushed him.

    Garcia’s friend Larry Chambers said he thinks Garcia’s generosity and quick-thinking may have saved his life.

    “He’s a very nice man. I know he gives away a lot of pizzas,” Chambers said.

    According to police, the group stole pizza, two liters of Pepsi and a small amount of cash.

    “I said, ‘Do you want the pizza?’ and one said yes and another said no. They took everything and ran away,” Garcia said.

    All five teens involved are facing robbery, criminal conspiracy, theft, receiving stolen property and disorderly conduct. Other charges are possible, police said.

    “Money is money. Food is food. I’m not going to risk my life for anything,” Garcia said.

    Officials said one of the teens arrested in connection with this case, was supposed to appear in court Thursday in another case. 

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