• 911 dispatcher takes call that her own house is burning

    MADISONVILLE, TEXAS - An emergency dispatcher in Texas recently answered a call that hit her on both a personal and professional level when she found out it was her own house on fire.
    It was 12:30 a.m. when Layla Wray took a call about a house fire six miles away.
    After a brief exchange, Wray realized she was talking to her daughter Cassidy, "I guess for a minute I thought I had to ask who it was I don't know, Cassidy? Then I just went into dispatcher mode."
    Throughout the entire call Wray remained remarkably calm, even knowing on the other end of the line-- her home was in flames.
    "I realized the house was burning down but I needed to find out where everyone was and where were the adults," says Wray.  Her daughter said everyone was out, but she did raise concerns for their puppies.
    As her kids started arguing, Wray kept her composure and told them: "Y'all do not need to be fighting over this right now, ok. There's other [expletive] happening."
    The good news is that everyone made it out safely, including the entire liter of puppies.
    The family's home was not insured, but they plan to rebuild.
    They own the land and have started a GoFundMe account.

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    911 dispatcher takes call that her own house is burning

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