• 98-year-old WWII veteran clears snow from entire block


    SPOKANE, Wash. - A Washington state woman discovered her 98-year-old World War II veteran neighbor just can't stop serving others. 

    "Looked out my window and there was Mac... snowblowing my side of the sidewalk, the whole block, without being asked. I haven't seen any other 97-year-olds out doing that. I mean, for goodness sakes, we should be out doing his yard," Sarah Gillespie told KHQ.  

    It turns out, Mac's actually 98. "He's a national hero, but he's my local neighbor hero because I don't have a snowblower. I don't know how to use one," said Gillespie. 


    From the trenches of Normandy, to plowing trenches in Spokane, Mac had this to say when asked why he did it: "Well, somebody's got to do it." 

    A simple answer from a simple man. "Gotta get my exercise some way. I can't sit around. I wouldn't live long if I sat in my chair and watched some TV all day," said Mac. 

    So, as long as Mac's muscles need some work, his neighborhood will have cleared sidewalks after every snowfall.

    "I gave him cookies for Christmas and I tell you, that's not nearly enough. I need to start baking more," said Gillespie.



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