• American flag design on police cars causes controversy in California town


    LAGUNA BEACH, Calif. - There's a lively debate going on in an oceanside California town over police decals. Some say Laguna Beach police cars' new design is patriotic, but others say it's too aggressive. 

    Laguna Beach's new patriotic logo on its police cars and motorcycles has some in town fuming. City council will listen to opinions and vote again this week on whether the red, white and blue graphic will stay or go. 

    "This is a government vehicle driven by government employees in the United States of America. I mean, come on. We can sit here and talk about this stuff all day long. It's still a joke," city councilman Peter Blake told KCAL


    Some went before the council last month and complained that the design is aggressive and not in keeping with the artistic vibe of the town. Others questioned why the word "police" is put on the side of officers' cars. One resident saying "The badge on the side of the car, that's all we really need to see. You don't need to be billboarding that you are police. We already know that. And honestly, you could save money by not putting that big giant decal."

    But there are plenty of people in town who like the new look. 

    Some of the critics point out the red and white letters "ice" at the end of the word police stand out more, which makes them appear to be an acronym for Immigration and Customs Enforcement. They say that is offensive to immigrants. 

    The Laguna Beach Police Employees Association said the officers love the new design, saying in a statement, "We feel that having the American flag displayed on our police vehicles symbolizes all of the good things that this city, county, state and country not only stand for but strive to achieve.

    The design was approved by the council in February. 


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