• Anti-Trump protesters take to Pittsburgh's streets peacefully


    PITTSBURGH - Anti-Donald Trump demonstrators took to Pittsburgh’s streets once again to peacefully protest Republican President-elect Donald Trump.

    Demonstrators said they were calling for peace and asking Trump to have an understanding of diversity and inclusion.

    "We wanna show peace, love, unity and respect at our rallies. We're not here to you know cause chaos," anti-Trump protester Thomas Clark said.

    More than 70 protesters marched, starting at Point State Park and eventually made their way to Heinz Field. Channel 11’s Mike Holden reported that some of the protesters exchanged words with Pittsburgh Steelers’ fans, but it was peaceful overall.

    "Stand up and fight and get angry. And fight for what's important to you," Be the Change Pittsburgh creator Blake Lynch said.

    The event, which was initiated over Facebook, is to last until 7 p.m.

    There is a small police presence and no arrests have been made.

    Demonstrators have stayed on the sidewalks. 

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