Sharpe says AB, Raiders won't last

Sharpe says AB, Raiders won't last


Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver Antonio Brown (84)

OAKLAND, Calif. — Antonio Brown showed up to practice today for the Raiders. But Shannon Sharpe remains unconvinced that the tension between Brown and the Raiders is over.

In fact, he's completely certain this marriage is destined for disaster.

"Skip, this is supposed to be the honeymoon," Sharpe said during today's episode of Undisputed. "Look, you plan a wedding. They traded a third and a fifth to get AB, a big-time, big-play potential [receiver]. Had 'Hall of Fame' written all over him. And you give him three years, $50 million, $30 million fully guaranteed.  This is the honeymoon!

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"Skip, if I have a great wedding, I have 150 people at my wedding, an eight-tier cake and everybody's all happy and I get to the honeymoon and all we do is argue for two weeks, there's a good chance, Skip Bayless, we're probably not going to make it to that silver — that 25-year anniversary mark. There's a good chance that the Oakland Raiders and Antonio Brown, Skip, is not going to make it there three years. I'm afraid that's going to be the case."

To Sharpe's credit, this isn't a new line of thinking for him. He criticized Brown heavily for the infamous locker-room Facebook Live session in early 2017, and now, Sharpe says, Brown's actions with the Raiders only reinforce his previous thoughts.

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