Clairton teachers look at coding as one of new must-learn skills

Clairton to offer coding classes

CLAIRTON, Pa. — Summer vacation is coming to an end for students in the Clairton School District, and when students head back to class they will notice a change of curriculum.

"They're going to be on the same level as every student in the city, state or country. I think they're going to take pride in that,” Clairton teacher Anthony Hritz said.

Hritz is one of four teachers in Clairton who will be leading classes on coding to middle school and high school students.

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Getting into a Back To School Groove:

The goal is to immerse the students in the language beginning in 7th grade using a hands-on approach.

"I doubt anything would sink in if we just preached at them. But letting them practice it and do it, it's a language they have to learn,” teacher Hannah Bonville said.

It will also be an adjustment for these teachers, who are used to making lesson plans for classes on science and art.

"I teach students the understanding of the human body and life in general. So, taking a look at how computers work and everything it takes to make them function was a very big adjustment,” Hritz said.

The teachers attended classes over the summer to become well-versed on the topic.

It's an adjustment they all admit won't be easy, but one they believe will help their students.

"Being able to learn about coding is just one of those things that if it takes some time out of my life over the summer to learn it, I'm more than willing to help them so they're better off in the future,” teacher Joel Panach said.

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