• More local districts installing school bus cameras to catch passing drivers


    PITTSBURGH - Drive around a school bus, and you can expect a ticket in the mail.

    More and more school districts in our area are putting high-tech cameras in school buses to catch people who put children in danger.

    "I will lay on my horn and put a stop hand up and many times they still go through," bus driver Michelle Walthour told Channel 11.

    She drives for the Bethel Park School District. 


    They invited Channel 11 to get a look at the camera systems they use.

    Bethel Park installed three cameras on its buses.  Two of them can catch drivers as they violate the law.

    The camera takes a picture of the license plate.

    "They can show this in court and really there is nothing to question, it's right there," said Bethel Park Director of Transportation Scott Ziehler.

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    "You figure in a year and a half, we've turned in 110 violations, and there is only 180 days of school.  That is almost one a day," added Bethel Park School District Director of Public Relations Vicki Flotta.

    The fines are steep and can range from $130 to $150.

    "When you see that stop arm, no matter how important you think, whatever you need to do, you need to stop," said Flotta.

    Each camera system costs about $2000 to install per bus.

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