• Uniontown superintendent lives for experiences not salary


    UNIONTOWN, Pa. - From student to former mayor to superintendent of the Uniontown School District, Dr. Charles Machesky has pretty much done it all in his hometown.

    “I’ve lived in the city my whole life. I’ll be here all my life,” he said.

    For the last 16 years, Machesky has served as superintendent, but for the last five, he hasn’t gotten paid. He doesn’t have a salary.

    “If there's something that you really care about and you love doing, there's no reason to stop doing it,” he said.

    He said he wasn’t ready to retire and wasn’t ready to leave the school he’s committed do.


    “The school district is doing me a favor by allowing me to do this.”

    Over the last five years the only compensation he’s received was when the school board hired him to negotiate contracts.

    In 2020, his superintendent contract is up.

    The district will have saved $1.3 million that was set aside for salary and other expenses.

    For Machesky, that’s how he prefers it.

    “The highlight is always the valedictorian speeches. When they always have something positive memories that they recall. And it makes me feel so good to sit there and hear them,” he said.



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