West Mifflin schools recalling all devices issued to students over ‘urgent security updates’

Laptop recalls begin Monday for West Mifflin schools after multiple issues

WEST MIFFLIN, Pa. — In a notice issued to students and parents, West Mifflin school leaders said they are recalling all devices issued to students beginning Monday over technology issues and “urgent security updates” that need to be installed.

A device drop-off schedule has been created by the district. Throughout next week, parents are asked to make every attempt to return the device during their scheduled time slot at a number of schools across the district.

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“They were having problems getting into their links. They couldn’t get into their Zooms,” said Kim Barber. “Patience is running high for a lot of people.”

Barber said her kids can’t even use their devices.

“I’ve been up to the school twice this week already with problems with laptops and tablets,” she said.

Some parents have just given up altogether.

Is there an issue at your child’s school that you’d like us to investigate? Contact our investigators by emailing 11investigates@wpxi.com or calling (412) 237-4963.

“When we click the link to join, our screens just go white,” said Zach Johns.

“Most of the Facetime-type calls we have to do on our phones,” said Dontae Lewis.

Other parents said students were able to access inappropriate content while using the school devices.

Students are asked to make sure laptops are fully charged before they are returned. People returning the devices are asked to pull up to the curb closest to the main entrance or cafeteria. Someone will come out to the vehicle and tag the laptop with the student’s name, contact information and time. People will have one hour from the time the device was dropped off to return to pick it up. You can return later, but no sooner than an hour.

Students and parents without transportation are permitted to drop off their laptops at their local elementary school.

CLICK HERE for the full plan details and to see when your student is scheduled to return their device

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