• Belgium: Pittsburgh youth linked to cyber attack on Brussels airport

    BRUSSELS - Belgian authorities say that a U.S. youth in Pittsburgh tried to hack into the Brussels airport computer system and disable it the night after the March 22 attacks that killed 32 people.
    The cyber-attack failed, and officials in Brussels worked with the FBI to track the accused boy down in the Pittsburgh area. 
    The statement said the hacking attempt was unsuccessful and stressed that "it appeared there were no terrorist motives."
    Federal officials, including acting U.S. Attorney Soo Song, said that they are not able to comment on the investigation. 
    In a statement, the federal prosecutor's office said Thursday that at its request, the FBI interrogated the boy and said he confessed.
    Former U.S. attorney David Hickton declined to comment on the case, but said cyber hacking is a serious threat. Hickton spearheaded the investigation into Chinese military officials accused of hacking into U.S. companies. 
    "I think people still don’t appreciate what a critical problem this is,” Hickton said. 
    Hickton, who now runs the Institute for Cyber Law, Policy and Security at the University of Pittsburgh, said there are several ways to target hackers. 
    I think you have to fight it on several fronts.  I believe robust enforcement and creating costs for hackers is one big piece of it,” Hickton said. 
    As of Thursday evening, it doesn’t appear that any charges have been filed in the case. Stay with Channel 11 News and WPXI.com for continuing coverage. 
    The Associated Press contributed to this report. 



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