• Beware of germs on credit cards and cash, especially $5 bills


    Just how germy are the credit cards and cash consumers handle every day?

    A new study by finance website LendEDU finds that credit cards and debit cards are near the top of the list when it comes to germs, even more so than cash.


    After testing various surfaces, with higher scores indicating more germs and lower scores indicating less bacteria, the results showed that the average payment card had a germ score of 285. Some payment cards recorded germs scores over 1,200.

    By comparison, a New York City subway pole had a score of 68 and a bathroom at Penn Station had a score of 163.

    $5 bills are the dirtiest form of cash, with a score of 216. And coins, it turns out, are the cleanest currency of all, with an average score of 136.


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