• Officials making progress on derailed train in Vandergrift


    VANDERGRIFT, Pa. - Officials from Norfolk Southern said they’re making progress on removing and re-railing a train that derailed in Vandergrift Thursday.

     In a news release sent Friday morning, officials said 16 of the 21 derailed cars “have been moved to the side of the track and one car removed from the scene after it was re-railed.”

     Norfolk Southern officials said they estimate that 3,500 to 4,500 gallons of heavy crude oil of a viscous nature leaked from four tank cars after the derailment, mostly onto a parking lot.

     “A small amount leaked into nearby soil. NS and its contractors are working to safely remove the crude oil and the impacted soil from the area for proper disposal. Additionally, the crude that remains in the derailed tank cars will be removed and placed into trucks for transport away from the scene and will be monitored closely to ensure the oil is transloaded safely,” the news release said. 

    The cause of a train derailment remains unknown. 

    More than 21 cars on a Norfolk Southern rail line between Vandergrift and East Vandergrift derailed around 8:30 a.m.  Thursday.  One of the cars torpedoed into the MSI Corporation. The train was hauling crude oil and propane.

     “The lights were shaking and everything was going out.  All the lights were going out,” said MSI Corporation employee Greg Shotts.
    People inside the MSI Corporation building were evacuated. Amazingly, no injuries were reported. 

    “We extend our apologies to MSI for the disruption to their business operations today, and we also extend our thanks to the local emergency responders and city, county and state agencies for their quick response,” a Norfolk Southern official said.




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