• Brewery recalls beer that 'may be explosive'


    MILWAUKEE, Wis. - A Wisconsin brewery has recalled one of its beers because the bottles may explode. 

    Lakefront Brewery issued the recall on Wednesday for its "My Turn Junk" kettle sour cherry beer.

    It pointed to a small amount of wild yeast in the beer that comes from the cherries.


    Lakefront said that yeast could cause the beer to continue to ferment, resulting in a buildup of carbon dioxide.

    "The walls of the glass actually crack. So we've had no injuries or customer complaints so far, but there's obviously a potential of risk we don't want out there," brand manager Michael Stodola told WISN.

    According to Lakefront Brewery, the product has been "deemed too volatile."

    The brewery is offering refunds to customers who bought the beer.


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