Bridgeville home ransacked during burglary

BRIDGEVILLE, Pa. — Police are investigating after a Bridgeville home was ransacked during an apparent burglary.

According to officials, police were called after a neighbor noticed something suspicious on Elm Street.

Authorities said the home looked like someone had been in the home and items were missing.

Allegheny County Crime Lab was called to process the scene.

“Allegheny county crime scene investigator rolled up the street and I'm like that's really unusual for around here. Nothing ever happens on this street,” Neighbor Rich Poploski said.

Police said there are no suspects at this time and are asking anyone who saw or heard anything suspicious to contact them.

This is the first burglary of 2016 in Bridgeville, according to police.

“It's not like we have had a rash of burglaries so I don't want to put the community on alert. It's not occurring on any type of regular basis,” Bridgeville Police Chief Chad King said.

Officials remind people to lock doors and to be cautious about what is posted onto social media.