Burglars caught on camera stealing from boy's piggy bank

Burglars caught on camera stealing from boy's piggy bank

PHILADELPHIA, Pa. — Philadelphia police are looking for two burglars who broke into a home early Thursday and stole change from a boy's piggy bank.

The crime was caught on camera and neighbors in the area think the same suspects may have also tried to break into other homes recently.


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The bold burglar is captured by a security camera wielding a flashlight inside the home around 2:45 a.m. Thursday.

He stumbled across a child's piggy bank, and in the video the change rattle can be heard as the man appears to take the money out of it.

Jordana Astrologo, her boyfriend and her son were sleeping upstairs at the time, not knowing two burglars were downstairs in her kitchen.

She noticed the room was in disarray later in the morning and checked her security camera, found video of the unknown men in her home, with one wiping his fingerprints off the piggy bank.

The piggy bank belongs to her son, who was saving for a trip to Dave and Buster's. She's not sure how much of her little boy's money was taken.

Neighbor Kenneth Mitchell said he recently noticed his screen was tampered with, so he also looked at his security system and found video of a man who resembled the piggy bank burglar.

A third neighbor said a similar-looking man broke into her house back in May.

Philadelphia police could not say if the three incidents are related, but officers told KYW to deter criminals it's a good idea to put extra lighting in all points of entry in your home.

Police also said it's a good idea to have lights that automatically turn on when they sense movement, because that could scare a burglar off.