• 2019 School Guide rankings: Southwestern Pennsylvania's top overachieving districts

    By: Ethan Lott  – Research Director, Pittsburgh Business Times


    PITTSBURGH - Most school rankings in this publication are based only on standardized test scores, but the overachiever rank adds one other factor  — the percent of students defined by the state as economically disadvantaged.

    Since economics has one of the strongest correlations with student academic success, this formula asks the basic question: “Which districts are outperforming expectations?”

    PHOTOS: Overachieving Regional School Districts Ranking 2019

    The list shows the percent of the district considered economically disadvantaged, ranging from 5.9% to 100%. The gap between the Honor Roll rank and the rank disadvantaged gives a sense of whether a district is punching above or below its weight. The formula used digs deeper into the data to differentiate between district overachiever performance.

    Here are the top five:

    1. Cornell School District
    2. Uniontown Area School District
    3. Southmoreland School District
    4. Fox Chapel Area School District
    5. Riverview School District


    For the full list, head over to the Pittsburgh Business Times.



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