Astrobotic prepares for 2021 lunar mission

Astrobotic prepares for 2021 lunar mission
A rendering of what Astrobotic's new headquarters on the North Side will look like. Employees are set to move into the space in May 2020. (Pittsburgh Business Times)

PITTSBURGH — Pittsburgh-based space robotics company Astrobotic launched in 2007 with plans for lunar and planetary missions, and it will likely achieve that goal in 2021.

Astrobotic CEO John Thornton said he anticipates the company’s Peregrine Lander to make its first commercial mission to the moon in the fourth quarter of 2021. With just months left before that expected deadline, Thornton said Astrobotic already completed structural model testing on the lander and are now building the spacecraft itself.

“Things are moving at pace right now,” Thornton said. “… Right now it is all about building the spacecraft and getting ready toward the middle of the year to integrate the payloads.”

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