Peduto proposes parking requirement changes for restaurants

PITTSBURGH — The Peduto administration wants to update requirements for restaurants, addressing drive-throughs and off-street parking, via new legislation to be presented to the Pittsburgh Planning Commission on Tuesday.

Mayor Bill Peduto said in a release that the “common sense and much-needed” legislation aims to improve safety for users of surrounding streets, reduce minimum parking requirements, simplify the zoning process for restaurant owners and decrease their startup costs.

“In Pittsburgh, over 20% of our residents do not own a vehicle and a growing number of our neighbors choose to commute via a method other than driving alone,” Peduto said.

The proposed ordinance aims to create standards allowing the city to assess and reduce negative impacts of drive-through uses in certain zoning districts such as neighborhood business districts. Anyone proposing a drive-through in those districts would be required to submit a transportation impact study to the Department of Mobility and Infrastructure.

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