Pittsburgh bank merger moves to next step as Standard fully becomes Dollar in 2023

PITTSBURGH — More than 14 months after Pittsburgh’s seventh-largest bank completed its acquisition of No. 19, conversion continues to unfold.

On Sept. 6, Dollar Bank and Monroeville-based Standard AVB Financial Corp. will legally merge, Standard said in a letter sent earlier this week to its customers. It will operate as a division of Dollar.

Standard outlined two phases.

During the first, beginning next month, Standard will continue to service customers’ accounts and loans, the letter said. Its clients will have expanded access to the Allpoint ATM network but will no longer have surcharge-free access to PNC’s ATM network. They’ll also have access to more types of consumer loans, better rates and discount programs through Dollar. Consumer lending teams from the two banks have already joined together, Standard said.

During the second phase, in early 2023, Standard will fully merge into Dollar in operations, product offerings, locations and online/mobile banking platforms.

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