2019 School Guide: See where our local districts ranked

2019 School Guide: See where our local districts ranked

PITTSBURGH — The Pittsburgh Business Times has released its 2019 school district rankings, covering more than 100 districts in seven counties.

And this year, there's a change at the top: for the first time in five years, South Fayette Township School District is not the #1 spot in the Pittsburgh region. Click HERE to the slideshow and see who finished first — and where your district ranked.

The 2019 ranking is based on PSSA and Keystone exams taken in 2016, 2017, and 2018. A proprietary formula combines the results on PSSA tests taken by students in grades three, four, five, six, seven, and eight, and the Keystone Exams given to high school students, generally in 11th grade. The three unranked districts did not offer all grades.

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This is the 15th year that the Business Times has published the school district ranking. New to the 2019 edition is an average 15-year rank, tracking each district's average spot over the history of this feature.