Report: Pittsburgh’s startup ecosystem among top 25 globally

PITTSBURGH — Pittsburgh’s startup ecosystem ranks among the top 25 in the world as a place to build and grow a company.

That’s according to a new report from research firm Startup Genome, which put Pittsburgh in spot No. 23 after looking at more than 275 regional ecosystems across the planet for comparison. The metrics Startup Genome used to analyze these regions included factors like startup growth and activity, innovation and research, capital availability, talent and support for companies, among others.

Per the report, Pittsburgh is just one of 28 U.S. cities featured on the global list and has created $5 billion in ecosystem value and has seen $180 million in total early stage funding over the past two-and-a-half years. Startup Genome listed Pittsburgh’s median Series A funding round as reaching $3.4 million, and its average software engineer salary is $81,000, both surpassing the global figures of $3 million and $44,000, respectively.

“Pittsburgh is leveraging its technical strength in AI and autonomous systems to build a dynamic and diverse startup ecosystem,” the report said on Pittsburgh’s ecosystem profile page. “Pittsburgh’s startup ecosystem makes you part of a community of purpose-driven builders, makers and innovators who work local but have global impact.”

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