• CEO of now-defunct Latitude 360 in Robinson speaks out

    ROBINSON, Pa. - The CEO of the now-defunct Latitude 360 restaurant and entertainment venue in Robinson spoke out for the first time Tuesday since the establishment’s closure.
    Channel 11’s Catherine Varnum has been following the developments with the company from its headquarters in Jacksonville, Florida, to Pittsburgh and learned how some employees are now being sued for trying to cash their paychecks. 
    Laura Scimio says she worked for Latitude 360 in Robinson for almost three years, and hasn’t been able to cash her last two paychecks. 
    “When they run the check through, it comes up with insufficient funds,” she said.
    Varnum reported that she's not the only one with problems. A private Facebook group of former Latitude 360 employees detailed one under investigation for fraud by her bank after cashing checks. 
    Another former employee woman sent photos to Varnum of a civil lawsuit that she was served with for $741, saying she had intent to defraud a Hazelwood market when she cashed her paychecks.
    “Nobody will cash these checks,” Scimio said.
    Less than two weeks ago, the Allegheny County Sheriff's Office put up a sign at the establishment, telling Latitude 360 that it had to vacate the property. The county posted another sign, saying Latitude 360 closed for not complying with the alcoholic beverage tax.
    CEO Brent Brown has been under fire for months for problems with the company.
    Last week in Florida, where the company is based, a $4.3 million judgment was filed against Brown because of an unpaid Swiss loan.
    When reached via phone, Brown promised he's working to pay off all of his obligations, including workers’ salaries, but had no idea how long that would be. 
    He also said he does not know how much he owes the county for liquor taxes, but said he would keep Channel 11 News updated on any new developments. 

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