Chinese company offers to clone your cat for $32,000

Chinese firm clones cat

BEIJING, China — A biotechnology company in Beijing released video showing what is believed to be the first successfully cloned cat in the country.

The cloned kitten, named Garlic, was born on July 21 at the laboratories of Sinogene Biotechnology Company in the Chinese capital. The company made the announcement at a press conference on Monday.


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The cloning of the kitten was commissioned by owner Huang Yu after their family cat died of a urinary tract disease.

Garlic, a British shorthair, was born 66 days after an embryo was transferred to a surrogate mother.

The successful cloning of Garlic is expected to allow Sinogene to roll out the cat-cloning service to the general public.

The company will charge about $32,000 to clone a cat.