Church eliminates $6 million of medical debt for community

Church pays off millions in medical debt

CORYDON, Ind. — A church in Indiana is helping its community through a random act of kindness with a multi-million dollar price tag.

First Capital Christian Church purchased $6.2 million in medical debt across four southern Indiana counties.


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Church members hosted lemonade stands, sent in spare change and put money in envelopes with a prayer written on them.

Senior Pastor Randy Kirk said the initial goal was to help people Harrison County, but they raised enough money to erase debt for those in Crawford, Washington and Perry counties too.

"How can you better serve other people than to take this smothering debt off their plate and give them a chance to get on with their life?" Kirk told WAVE.

The church partnered with a nonprofit group, RIP Medical Debt, which will choose the debts to be paid off.