• Class assignment asked Ohio students who they would save


    CUYAHOGA FALLS, Ohio - A class assignment for a group of Ohio middle school students is causing controversy.

    The eighth-graders were given a survey requiring them to rank who they would save during an apocalypse, but some of the options and descriptions given left both students and their parents uncomfortable.

    "What does her being Muslim have to do with it but... what does being female have to do with it," said Bernadette Hartman, a parent of one of the students in the class.


    Hartman says her son received the controversial assignment in an eighth-grade social studies class last week.

    It left her at a loss for words.

    "It's hard for me to put it into words. It's just hard," said Hartman.

    She said it made her son feel uncomfortable, too. 

    "This paper divides. It doesn't pull anybody together," said Hartman as she read over the list.

    The assignment asked Roberts Middle School students to choose and rank who should survive an apocalypse on Earth.

    Students were told to pick eight out of 12 people to save. 

    Some examples include a "homosexual professional athlete" and a "militant African-American medical student."

    Parents say that is insensitive and inappropriate, especially for middle schoolers.

    City councilman Adam Miller said it was to spark a conversation -- not to offend anyone. 

    Concerned parents told Miller about the assignment.

    He understands the teacher's intent, but says he went about it the wrong way. 

    Miller says the teacher is apologetic and won't use the assignment anymore. 

    "I think the parents should have been made aware the assignment was happening," said Miller.

    The Cuyahoga Falls School District's superintendent said the district is taking this seriously and will conduct an investigation. 

    For parents, they hope this never happens again. 

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