• Colorado teen skis to dad stuck in car

    By: Ryan Emerson


    A Colorado man's home was only a mile and a half away, but it took a lot of time and ingenuity for him to reach it.

    Bill Cooley says video shows his 17-year-old son skiing through Wednesday's bomb cyclone to rescue his dad.

    According to Cooley, he began what is usually a 20-minute trip from his Colorado Springs job to his home Wednesday when the storm hit.


    The interstate was closed, so Cooley spent two hours driving through back roads to make it to a truck stop near his home.

    He stayed there, trapped, for about four hours, unable to leave.

    Cooley says his son finally strapped on cross country skies and trekked to the gas station to bring him warm clothes and ski goggles.

    With the extra supplies, he was able to make the trek home.


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