• Controversial mural to be covered, despite public opposition


    SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. - A controversial mural that sits inside a San Francisco high school will not be painted over, and that has some people angry.

    The mural is called "The Life of Washington." It depicts President Washington's slaves working in a field while a Native American is killed by his army.


    In June, the school board voted to paint over the mural because many in the community felt the mural was offensive.

    But the board president offered a new proposal: to cover the painting with panels rather than paint over it.

    Members of the NAACP and actor Danny Glover opposed the plan to paint over the mural. They feel painting over the mural hides a history that should not be forgotten.

    After emotional debate, the board voted four to three in favor of paneling over the mural.

    Some members of the community said they've made peace with the ruling, but had hoped for more.

    "We're happy it's going to be covered. That's what we wanted ultimately. We don't want students to see this still, but we do wish it had been voted to paint it down," resident Arianna Antone-Ramiorez told KNTV.

    Preservationists said saving history is a victory.

    "I don't want to call it a victory per se. I just want to say that it's just something to... I look at it as preserving history," said Tamaka Bailey.

    The process to cover the mural with panels is expected to take several years and cost hundreds of thousands of dollars.


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