• Couple's car stolen 5 nights in a row


    MONTGOMERY COUNTY, Texas - A car thief nearly drove a Texas woman crazy. Beverly Havard thought she was losing her mind earlier this month. 

    For five days straight, she'd walk to her car outside her home north of Houston, and find something "off" with the vehicle. Things were missing or moved. "The seat was pulled back, the mirrors were adjusted, you know, I came back and told Rick, you know, 'I think somebody is driving this car,'" Beverly told KPRC. She told her husband who thought maybe she was imagining things. "I thought she was losing it," said Rick.


    But, she wasn't. The couple tracked mileage and gas usage. "I couldn't figure out why they would take it overnight and bring it back. You know, I figured your common thief is going to take it and you'll never see it again," said Beverly. Then, keyed in to the fact that the spare keys were gone, they called the sheriff. 

    Deputies say Michael Armando Lopez had those keys, and was stealing the car nightly. According to investigators, he crashed the vehicle as they tried to pull him over. 

    Investigators say the Havards' vehicle may have been used in a string of burglaries around the area.



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