• Couple's lost rings returned thanks to trooper who went above, beyond


    WESTWOOD, Mass. - A Massachusetts woman is feeling thankful after a stranger helped her recover her lost wedding rings.

    Kimberly and Peter Reggiannini were driving home to Westwood from New York City last month when Kimberly realized she'd taken off her wedding rings in the car but forgot to put them back on. 

    The couple had stopped at a rest area in Connecticut on I-95 to get gas and use the bathroom. They realized that the rings, which were in Kimberly's lap, must have fallen out when she got out of the car. She didn't realize they were missing until they were back on the road.

    The couple called police, local pawn shops and then turned to social media, hoping someone might find the rings and return them. "It's been over three weeks, so after the first week, I was like, they're gone. No way are we going to see them again," said Peter.


    Connecticut State Police Sgt. Robert Derry saw the couple's story and took it upon himself to review hours of surveillance footage of the rest stop to see if he could find any leads.

    Derry said the person who picked up the rings told him they thought it was costume jewelry. "The rings were so beautiful, they thought they were costume jewelry. You know, that's what they told me on the phone. They couldn't believe they were real," said Derry.

    Derry picked up the rings and then reached out to the Reggianninis with the good news and was able to return the rings to them.

    "This is insane that these are on my fingers right now. I like still don't believe it," Kimberly told WVIT.


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