Couple Struck By Lightning During Civil War Re-Enactment

GETTYSBURG, Pa.,None — A couple from Westmoreland County was hit by lightning Sunday morning in Gettysburg.

Marisue Morgan, and her husband Randy Lee, were participants in a Civil War re-enactment when a bolt of lightning hit the tent they were sitting in.

Marisue said the lightning burned a hole through her sweater. She also said the lightning burned her left arm.

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"It was unbearable," Marisue said. "I lost the hearing in my right ear for a while."

"I felt everything," Randy Lee said. "Like I was being electrocuted, you know, going through my body."

The Morgans were treated at a Gettysburg hospital.

Despite the scare this year, they said they still plan on returning for next year's re-enactments.