Cow rescued from sinkhole days after mysterious disappearance

Missing cow rescued from sinkhole

LUTHER, Okla. — A cow was rescued from a tight situation after falling into a sinkhole.

Cellphone video captured the calf trapped underground in a sinkhole said to have been caused by an underground pipeline on the property.


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The 300-pound animal belongs to Hayden Mohr and his family. They said they heard the animal crying but could not find it.

A few days later, they found the calf and immediately tried to help.

"If a cow or something falls in here, then you would've lost out on her entire calf crop, so that's years and years worth of hard-earned money that you would've lost out on just by someone not keeping up with what they're supposed to be doing and doing their job," Emily Roberts, Hayden Mohr's fiancee, told KFOR.

"I brought some stuff down there just in case, but it seemed spunky enough that we were able to save it, and it's been doing fine with its mom."

Recently, ONG Pipeline has been refilling holes that keep opening up.

ONG said it will monitor the land closely; however, the Mohrs said they hope this doesn't happen again.