• Coyote enters 'doggie door,' kills dog


    BUENA PARK, Calif. - A homeowner in California lost his dog after a coyote got into his house. The wild animal sneaked inside through his pet door. His other dog was seriously hurt. 

    Scott Goodling said the coyote came into his home through his doggy door and attacked his dog, Murphy, last Friday night in Buena Park.


    Goodling said it's the second time that his dogs have been attacked by a coyote.

    Murphy has stitches everywhere, "He's lucky to be alive. I mean, what dog survives two coyote attacks?" said Goodling.

    His other 10-year-old dog, Salty, is missing and he suspects the coyote took her, "She's just the sweetest little dog and she was just carried away. She is very tiny."

    A neighbor's security video caught a pack of coyotes in the neighborhood around the same time Goodling's dogs were attacked. The neighbor said his cat, seen in the video, was killed by a coyote.

    "Over the past year, they've really increased in numbers and especially became more brazen and bold," Goodling told KCAL.

    The neighborhood now wants city leaders to do something about the roaming coyotes.


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