• Crews rescue Florida dog whose teeth got hooked on his crate


    WESTON, Fla. - Florida firefighters were called to a home to help a dog who got her mouth stuck in her metal crate.

    Dahlia, a 4-year-old pit bull mix, got her teeth hooked into the metal crate when Carolina Loretos' two teenage daughters were home alone. 

    "And they call me, Facetiming me, and they were crying and yelling and I didn't understand. I was like, 'Calm down. Tell me what is happening.' And they were like, 'It's Dahlia. It's Dahlia,'" Loreto told WSVN.


    Two neighbors tried to free Dahlia, but couldn't help. So the girls called Broward Sheriff's Office Fire Rescue.

    "It's almost as though she got her jaws clamped down on it but then couldn't open back up to get off," said Patrick Manfredi of BSO Fire Rescue.
    "The dog was stuck in a horrible position. It looked really uncomfortable. She looked scared," said Lt. Dani Campbell.

    Dahlia was eventually freed and Loreto said she is forever thankful. 

    "How they treat the girls and everything. I was so like grateful with that," said Loreto.

    "We get all sorts of different calls. We don't just put out fires. We don't just run accidents. This had a good ending," said Manfredi.

    "These are the calls we need. They can make us feel good," said Campbell. 


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