• New database will post names and pictures of animal abusers

    By: WHBW - Memphis


    Beginning January 1, the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation will compile and post a list of all people convicted of animal abuse in the state.

    It is part of the Tennessee Animal Abuser Registration Act. The list will include a photograph of the convicted animal abuser, the person’s full name and other identifying data as determined necessary by the TBI.


    Upon the first conviction for animal abuse, the TBI will keep the person’s name and identifying information on its website for two years. At that point, the person will be removed, as long as they are not convicted again during that time period.

    If a person is convicted an additional time, the abuser’s information will remain published for five years from the most recent date of conviction. At the end of that time period, the person will be removed as long as there isn’t an another offense.

    If it turns out the charges are expunged, the TBI will remove the person from the list.

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