Dentists protecting their staff and patients from COVID-19

Dentists protecting their staff and patients from COVID-19

PITTSBURGH — As the COVID-19 vaccine is distributed throughout the state to frontline healthcare workers, local dentists and dental hygienists are eager to be protected.

”With our field, we are day to day four inches away from the virus,” said Dr. Paul Gleason.

Gleason, along with his staff at their Squirrel Hill practice are vulnerable to getting COVID-19.

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”I worry every day. I don’t want to take it home to my husband or kids,” said Dr. April Baranowski.

The first line of defense in their profession is personal protection equipment.

”We’ve tried to provide enough N95 masks and hand washing and gowns and face shields, so that gives us a comfort level,” said Gleason.

On Wednesday, Gleason and his team were vaccinated at the DoubleTree in Monroeville.

“I felt like we waited and waited and all of sudden we got this surprise email and it was like Christmas morning,” said Baranowski.

Even some of Dr. Gleason’s patients were happy to hear his practice received the vaccine.

“I’m really excited for them I think everyone who is getting it it’s a really good thing I’m a firm believer in vaccines,” said Dominique Celotto, patient.

Gleason plans to get the second dose of the COVID-19 vaccine in four weeks.

In the meantime, his practice will be focused on keeping patients and staff safe.

”All these measures we’ve adapted to, we are not going backwards,” said Gleason.

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