• Distracted driver runs red light, broadsides police car


    NEW HOPE, Minn. - A police department in Minnesota released new video of what happens when drivers drive distracted. Dash cam video captured a driver blindsiding an officer as he travels through an intersection.

    It started off as a normal day for Officer Tony Gust, driving through a green light with a colleague following behind him. As he crosses the intersection, a Toyota Camry broadsides the cruiser, nearly rolling it over.

    "I just immediately feared the worst for the other driver because I just thought, 'My goodness, there's no way the other driver can be OK after something like this,'" Gust told KARE.

    No one was hurt in the crash, but the driver admitted she was distracted and looking down to grab a drink. 


    "I just kind of realized to myself, 'Hey I'm OK too. I got lucky here. I'm able to move around and I feel OK right now and she's OK' and just felt very, very fortunate in that moment as everything kind of set in," said Gust.

    Gust is now sharing his story, hoping it will stop others from driving distracted. Mike Hanson the Office of Traffic Safety Director said, "We are hearing these types of stories too often. These do not have to happen. We need to pay attention to what we're doing."

    "I think this also proves a point, it's not always cellphones that are the distraction. It can be grabbing a drink, it can be doing your makeup, eating food," said Lt. Gordon Shank of the Minnesota State Patrol.

    Two weeks after Gust's accident, he responded to the same intersection for the exact same reason. "I feel now I'm, hopefully, able to reach people better to be able to connect and not just talk from the badge but talk from my own personal experience of this is why you cannot be doing this. This is how severe things can get." 



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