Dog crashes truck over the love of bacon

OWENSBORO, Ky. — A Kentucky puppy may be in the dog house after his love for bacon grease led to a truck accident.

Thankfully, everyone involved can laugh about it.

The 13-year-old black Lab, named Elvis, has been on the run for most of his life.

Elvis' owner Paul Shearn just never imagined the police department would be chasing him.

"Even kind of stood there by the truck, telling him don't do anything stupid, don't get the cops called on us cause I left it running with the air conditioner on for him, and I come out and I see that he hit a car," said Shearn.


A quick stop at a store for last-minute camping supplies for the weekend shifted gears when Elvis reached for some bacon grease on the dash, putting the car in drive.

Shearn says the grease was there to help restore an old cast iron skillet he was taking to the lake.

"I know at the very beginning of it, the gentleman's car that got hit, he was in shock ... but then when everything came to grips, I guess we both couldn't help but just keep laughing about it," said Shearn.

This is not the only time that Elvis' antics have cost Shearn a lot of money.

"My wallet was in the floor, and he had pretty much decided to eat all of the cash that we got from our wedding reception, so that's the two costly things he's done in his 13 years so we're pretty good," said Shearn.

While Elvis is left a little disappointed, Shearn says he's just happy his best friend is OK.

Paul Shearn:

"That dude's tough. He's okay, he don't care, I mean literally like I show up and he looks just like he is right now he's just kind of whatever, I didn't get any bacon grease. I'm a little bit hurt about that," said Shearn.

No one was hurt in the accident.

Shearn says the truck he was driving belonged to his parents, but there was no damage done to the vehicle.