• Dog found trapped behind car engine


    JEFFERSON COUNTY, Ala. - An Alabama woman got quite the surprise when her cat alerted her to something stuck under the hood of her car. 

    Clairessia Gamble said when she opened the hood, she found a little furry face staring back at her.

    Gamble had seen the stray dog hanging around her house but never expected it to get stuck near the engine of her car. "In all my years, none of us had ever seen a dog wedged between an engine block in that part of the car," Gamble told WVTM.


    She called animal control and the fire department to free the pup. With the help of the humane society, they were able to pull the puppy, now called Pippi, to safety.

    Pippi is now looking for a forever home.

    Gamble said it cost her several hundred dollars to put her car back in one piece.


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