Hampton High School - Big Fish

Hampton High School is proud to announce it's upcoming musical:

Big Fish

April 7, 8, 21, & 22 2017

Tickets are $10 for adults and $8 for students and seniors and can be purchased online starting on March 7, 2017 at the following address: https://hhsmusical.wikispaces.com/TICKET+ORDERS

Interested parties can also contact the High School Box Office at

412-486-6000 x6376

You can join us on our journey to Opening Night by following us through a variety of social media:

Twitter: @hhsmusical17

Instagram: hhsperformingarts

Snapchat: hhsmusical

YouTube: hhs2017 big fish


Edward Bloom                       Joe Fish

Will Bloom                              Tyler Anderson

Sandra Templeton                Elena Orban

Karl the Giant                        James McDaid

Jenny Hill                     Meghan McMorrow/Jodi Zatezalo

Amos Calloway                       Evan Vay

Don Price                                Spencer Homitz

Zacky Price                            Steve Andrews

The Witch                               Caroline Collins

Josephine                                Gabriella Conley

Dr. Bennett/Judge                Jack Kregness

The Mermaid                         Allison Crouch

Mayor                                      Chris Chengshi

General Patterson               Damian Trautman

Red Fang the Assassin         Campbell Pitcarin

Young Will Bloom                To Be Auditioned


Sydney Andrews, Emily Berkebile, Hanna Bernett, Maggie Doan, Anna Dougan-Bacha, Julia Duchowski, Braylee Gaertner, Harry Hamlin, Ella Hilton, Ann Hodos, Ana Hughes-Perez, Autumn Hunkele, Jenna Kotkevich, Vanessa Pletz, Ava Retsch, Mia Saltrelli, Heather Scott, Anna Shucker, Rachel Simms, Stephanie Snyder, Mike Stegeman, Paige Stitt, Rachel Surgent, Isabella Voinchet, Lindsey Watrobski, Sarah Watson, Julia Wolf


Student Director: Lilli Horvat

Student Vocal Director: Ana Hughes-Perez Student Artistic Director: Annabella Leibering Student Choreographer: Braylee Gaertner Ass’t Student Choreographer: Elena Orban Stage Manager: Sofia DeNiz Ass’t Stage Managers: Jessica Levine & Rebecca Walker Student Costume Designers: Ana DeNiz & Kerri Savastano Lead Makeup & Hair Design: Lexi Kuzemchak Properties Managers: Gena Carter & Nadia Cenci Lighting Engineer: Hayley Kosick Sound Engineer: Tyler Vasil


Directed & Produced by Daniel Franklin

Co-directed & Choreographed by Jennifer Lavella Vocal Direction by Jessica Kendall Conducted by Ryan Meyer Technical & Artistic Direction by Nicholas Bigatel Costume Design by Lesa Demharter Lighting & Sound Design by Spencer Thomas